BMCL is ready to assist creative projects, going beyond traditional web media.

Kayac Inc.’s "Bukkomi" division is its elite and experimental team dedicated to breaking creative boundaries in technologies and services. BMCL (Bukkomi Client Work Lab) is the new special enterprise by the Bukkomi innovators that strives to take client projects to the next level. It is an ideas factory that develops modes of interactivity for online tools, websites, pop-up marketing, and much, much more.



ProjectS.A.C. Premium Shop

PlaceParco department store in Shibuya

"Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Solid State Society"
Cyberspace System

2011.3 | Kinect, OpenNI, openFrameworks, projector

Celebrating the 3D re-release of "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Solid State Society" (http://www.ph9.jp/) from March 26, Kayac Inc. has created a special booth for experiment that places you right inside cyberspace.
Using Microsoft's Kinect Sensor visitors can interact with the virtual anime landscape in the Cyberspace System using just body gestures and movement. Your mission: Locate and capture the Tachikoma character in the cyberspace. Be warned, you only have a limited time!
No joysticks, no controllers, no buttons…Float freely through cyberspace just by twisting your body to turn, leaning forward or back to shift perspective, and placing one step in front or behind to move. You can finally "capture" the Tachikoma by sweeping down with one arm.
Try the experience for yourself at the S.A.C. Premium Shop inside monozoku, on the fifth floor of Parco department store in Shibuya, from March 24th to April 19th. It's harder than it looks!

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ClientTokyo Joshi Project’s

ProjectWHY DON’T YOU PINK exhibition


Guttari KuMarionette

2011.3 | Kinect, OpenNI, Twitter, interactive character signage

Ever wanted to communicate with a cuddly toy?
This interactive bear character was designed for Tokyo Joshi Project’s WHY DON’T YOU PINK exhibition in March 2011.
Just stand in front of the frame and strike a pose. The cute bear (“kuma”) will immediately start copying you and together you can play games to see if he can mirror all your postures. And not only movement, the bear will also speak to you (in Japanese) in real time via Twitter (@kumarionette).

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